Dare have your conscience contact truth!

Cowardice asks the question — is it safe? Expediency asks the question — is it politic? Vanity asks the question — is it popular? But conscience asks the question — is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular; but one must take it because it is right.” Martin Luther King, Jr

Reject being mediated and led by cowardice, expediency and vanity. Know the history. Have your own honest human contact with the truth of people you are taught to be your enemies. See their truth from the eyes of someone who went through what they had to. Ask bold questions. Let your conscience decide in judging for the justice that is due. Let imposed justifications be dispersed in the face of the realization of your human responsibility.

All the world’s sensible citizens must help truth and peace win, as we, the people of the world are all needed in the hard striving for them. To make permanent peace happen, we need to organise a determined international effort to exert the massive pressure to stop the bloodshed, and to continue the same efforts to bring justice to a century-old history of crimes against people.

Very many people are stunned at the sight of the genocide being committed, and at the fact that themselves are only walking by and watching it. It is not possible that we can only do that. We need to be creative. We need to socially design our reaction to the situation to make our demand count! Possibly by making truly useful use of the so much boasted-of connectivity of ours, after having until now made so much of most useless uses of the same connectivity which might well have served the inertia, spending every other idle second for typing in a ‘message’. It is now time to really connect to make a difference.

How can we stay where we are and stare at human onslaught day in, day out?

Only the will of both peoples joined with the unflinching will of all of us humans of this world -the only ones ever bound to fall victim to any bloodshed- can stop this. And bring the permanent peace. This is true here and anywhere.

All self-serving evil scenarios are made hidden from people, and people like ourselves -and never the schemers- are their victims. Directly or as the most indirect outcome, like the misfortune of people aboard the Malaysian plane. Can anyone expect not to be victimized in the state of the world we live in?

Figuring out the way to live together is the solution. With projects, workgroups, discussions in whatever form to join everyone’s voice, mind, domain knowledge, reasoning to establish peace and contribute to drafting an applicable culture of co-existence step by step.

People on both sides like Roni and Maha and all people for justice connected here must be enough many to take over the word from criminals against humanity!

This will mean a much longed-for step to act together, too, and will be an experience to apply the same unity to overcome any other problem and obstacle in the way of our joint peace and well-being.

Utter misery of Palestinian people must shake us off to act together to see in what state we are, we all are, delivering ourselves from the all-familiar mode of ‘joining in after things get initiated by others’. Which means nothing ever gets started. Encapsulation in imposed consumer worlds does away with our human potential of making a true difference, and is the reason why we feel as inert spectators incapacitated (or, worse, unwilling) to interfere with our own world’s state.

Contact with truth melts iron walls. It is the weapon against all weapons of divide-and-dominate. Let’s bring people’s conscience in contact with the truth, and then with each other. Let’s make it happen!


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