An appeal to all of us!

The Palestinian population is trapped and slaughtered en masse and left to their fate in deprivation of everything. International law and institutions (heaven knows what they are named as ‘united’ for) are a farce in passive spectating instead of having any role.

It is not a war that is happening now in Gaza. It is the practicing of something that has no end other than extinction of Palestinian peoples. It is therefore that these actions have been -this time more intensely- associated with those of Nazi Germany.

What will happen if Israel kills the last Palestinian, or the reverse? Will Israelis live in a country of peace and happiness built upon mass annihilation of others?

Will Israel enter history as the country of people who both suffered and inflicted genocide?

Israel state’s mass annihilation of Palestinian population and all their means (houses, hospitals, schools, farms) is on a par with the severest carnages of history. This is truly the indiscriminate claim on innocent lives identical to that of Hitler’s.

We all know that living together side by side, ‘the two-state solution on the respective pieces of land as existed before 1967′ has constantly been hindered by the escalators of hostility on both sides, in moments when it had the closest chance to success.

The peace is ONLY in the hands of the sufferers of the bloodshed; the people. Once they, the sufferers, DEMAND to live together or as neighbours in peace, a world full of bloodshed profiteers will no longer retain their position to hinder, suppress or sabotage it by ploys of negotiation, designating murder and ever-reigniting hate and hostility.

Hence the warmongering politics, nominally existent dysfunctional international institutions, and the mass media indefinitely exacerbating the troubles of people. Mediation is synonymous to manipulation for those in service of the perpetuation of the hostility. ‘The lack of exposure helps explain the lack of empathy that many Israelis and Palestinians feel toward each another’ explains it all.

this demands OUR loud and persistent NO until success. FROM ALL OF US. NOW. Because this is no more a conflict. Humans cannot allow this to happen. If we allow it, we may not go around passing ourselves for humans.

People who weren’t yet born when Palestinian-Israeli conflict started comprise the majority of today’s world population. How long was the longest war in history? How many centuries ago was it?

“Israel has proven they can’t win and the Palestinians have proven they can’t lose.” Roni Keidar and Maha Mehanna, and other people who share their thinking and are not a few, are our hope for a peaceful living of two communities. They must be many more and louder!

Suffering people of this bloodshed need us for that to happen! All of us! Now!

Links to organisations working for a just and peaceful future, let’s join them, help them as we can:

Jews For Justice For Palestinians

Institute for Middle East Understanding

Hold Israel Accountable by

Activist Toolkit

Israel-Palestine: This is how it ends

Join 200+ Trade Unionists: Stop the War on Gaza: No Arms for Apartheid

No Aid to Apartheid Israel! BDS!

Jews of Conscience Salute the ASA for Boycotting Apartheid Israel

Urge the U.S. Government to stop arming Israel


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