Anthropomorphism, or personification, is attribution of human form or other characteristics to anything other than a human being (wikipedia).


The term implies a practice within the domain of cultural and artistic expression. Personification happening these days yet has anything but to do with storytelling.


Just as corporations cannot be granted the rights of citizens, the citizen cannot be de-personified or ‘metamorphed’ into a consumer subject. Citizens are not consumers and corporations are not citizens, but fully commercial entities.


Citizen denotes man entitled to dissenting judgment and acting upon it, among other rights. Whereas consumer does not entail any recognition of man or ‘individual’ as such. It solely refers to a single state of activity (consuming), which the party is by default expected and subdued to do.


The word ‘consumer’ is the definition of man in terms of his relevance to a corporation. He is meant to receive. He is the passive king (!) whose crown was forged by ad business, out of this passivity; just lie back and be served like a king.


Ceaselessly bombarded images, personas, statements, experiences offer royal modes of living and behaviour to adopt and stick around forever in the delusion kingdom. This is certainly not to the well-being of the man or society, however just as certainly good for the corporation’s faring – therefore it wishes more people to be transformed into the same state and go on to exist in there. That’s but one instance of why the corporation is not the citizen or the society; it has not only totally separate, but antithetical interests to the latter, too.


The consumer-corporation plain is devoid of the questioning of this staged kingdom, nor of latter’s practices or very existence; it inherently excludes from the picture all that lies outside the sphere of a transaction between the two. Thereby the ideological overemphasis on the word consumer instead of citizen is meant to neatly rule out any frictional surface in the talks over matters.


It may take pumping of gallons of fake individuality into his ego to rape the mind of man, so that he voluntarily gives up his entitlement to informed citizenship, and joins the royal party.


Though corporation may be expecting its citizen-like dressing up to go unnoticed, be ignored or even lured into, counting on a system spawning atomized individuals and glorifying self-seeking ‘economic individualists’ for whom fellow citizens are insignificant if they are not business partners, competitors, potential clients or matters of any tangible interest, things hardly work that way, and it does receive a considerable number of unwelcoming regards. Said system, capitalism, is born out of and dependent on the alienation of man to man (the system was originally named ‘economic individualism’. The socialists disparagingly called it ‘capitalism’ and it stuck), and through these spaces of vacuum in citizens’ own and joint affairs, the corporation attempts to sneak in to mimic (complementing) authentic elements from the life of individual or society. Wherever members of a community have strong relationships and a vibrant culture of living together prevails, this kind of mimicry immediately sticks out and does not get bought into, with citizens knowing themselves are not manipulable consumers, and that corporations are corporations, never to be regarded as one like themselves. Period.



















































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