real not nominal

Economics has been the subject of ongoing criticism as regards the neoliberal hegemony over its academic life, research choices and teaching curriculum. The critique can be extended beyond this discipline.


On this account, a knowledge-producing educational community that reinstates the core premises of scientific creation and dissemination is essential; uncompromised autonomy, with full access to resources in transparency, ample room for rigorous (interdisciplinary) discussion, and unrestrained passing on of the knowledge to wider society for everyone to avail.


The research and teaching/learning space needs to exist in both (infra)structural and intellectual barrier-freedom. The synonymous economic and political setup requires unconditional allocation of resources as well as administrative and operational independence, internally and externally. These imperatives enable scientific activity to be in-depth, interdisciplinary and stakeholder-inclusive, and safeguard the integrity of the contributors and their work against sneaking of half-truth and bad science into debates and teaching by whatever influence or interest.


Once no such jeopardy is allowed, present and future happenings relating to our personal and joint well-being, be them concerning technology, communication, economy, law or production, are no longer the outcomes of bad decisions and policymaking hidden from or disregarding of us, and prevention or prompt reversal of any misconduct made possible.


This equals the real information society of actively participating citizens in a truly holistic discourse with free transparent exploration and exchange of all knowledge, and one in which whistleblowers will not need to be longed for in order to know.


and which differs fundamentally from top-down paradigm of information capitalism, that is.





















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