‘There is no difference between blood and blood!’

‘There is no difference between blood and blood! Murder is murder regardless of age and nationality.’

The family of Naftali Frankel, one of the three Israeli teenagers killed in the West Bank on 12 June, condemned the killing of Mohammed Abu Khdeir in this statement.

In their severest pain and agony, they expressly reject the bloodshed, feeling another human being as innocent as their own child should not have been made to suffer the same fate, on the same motive…HATRED!

They refuse to endorse hatred which inherently has no winner but merely profiteers which are war business, warmongers and warlords.

The chance for peace is in the resolute public rejection of further conflict by both peoples, like Naftali’s family did. A human heart suffering the loss of a child, of a loved one, does not seek retaliation in wishing another to endure the same, unlike warmongering politics.

There is no insoluble conflict when hearts understand each other. Cries of weeping mothers, fathers, wives and siblings, when united and loud, can silence bombs and bullets.

‘No matter the different colors of our eyes, the color of our tears is the same’..these words, originally from a Turkish movie, tell it all succinctly.


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